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A computer is not much different than a car, they are both complex modular machines that need regular maintenance to run optimally. Here’s a question for you: Why do you need maintenance on your computer?

If you do not provide regular maintenance, then eventually your computer will begin to function below its optimal level. More importantly, if you do not have some kind of security audit on your system on regular intervals(whether by using second tier commercial software or by having a professional audit), then it is highly likely that your computer will be infected by various malware(bots, viruses, trojans, adaware/spyware), and the return on your investment will diminish–as you enjoy less hassle free hours of computing.

A lot of general everyday computer users are not aware of how many viruses, bots, trojans, and root-kits are floating around the internet. A lot of these malware programs even stay in users system for the life of the time that they have them. Professionals who service corporate clients regularly discover bots and worms that have been in a client’s system for 5 years or more. For home users, it is even worse. A number of these viruses are used for stealing data, or just using your computer resources to store spam and send spam.

Home based OS(operating systems) lack a lot of sophisticated security tools that the Professional or Business versions contain. Moreover, most home computer users do not know how to use these tools anyway, and so cannot take advantage of them.

If you have not had a professional check up on your computer you should really consider having one.  CALL:330-294-0806

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