Tune up

Getting a new computer can be an exciting experience. The operating system will almost always be a newer version than your previous computer, and it will certainly be faster. However, when you turn on your new computer, you may notice it has programs that do not seem necessary and may even slow it down.

Most of the PC manufacturers offer plenty of extra software with new PC to attract the users. Usually those are trial versions of paid tools and you don’t need most of them.Not all the PC buyers are tech-savvy enough to know that. They buy the PC, are happy to get those tools, don’t know that the junk is slowing their system down, and finally once the trial period of the tools ends, all kinds of silly warnings start showing up now and then. And without a doubt, it’s frustrating.

To keep your new computer from being as cluttered or loaded as your old one was, we make sure it is cleaned and set up just right.


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